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The majority of us look forward to the changing seasons of the year- fall: the crisp air, brightly colored leaves, curling up with something hot by the fire and, on the opposing spectrum we enjoy the spring and contrasting summer. But to the homeless...in most cases the coming cold weather and blazing hot summers are dreadful. For our neighbors without four walls the adverse seasons help contribute to spikes in alcoholism, drug abuse and depression.

 Our Goal

We want to understand the world that our invisible neighbors live in. To gain insight into thier needs from emergency survival on the streets to ultimately working with the community in finding them easily accessible and vital services. With the ulitmate goal of providing then the tools that that promote a healthy transition into stable housing.

"Whether you think you can or cannot -- you are right."
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We are happy to report that "Project Cover Your Neighbor Foundation" is a government-certified 501c3 Non-Profit

Hundreds of men, women and children struggle to survive on Sacramento's streets. More people in our community are facing desperate situations than ever before. As public support services continue to dwindle and disappear giving these hurting men and women an opportunity for hope, could be the just whats needed to change their future.
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There are many ways we can help the homeless ~ I would like to see more creative solutions such as free mobile showers, laundry options, mobile social service command centers, more shelters with on-site classrooms for GED studies, life skills (including food prep, basic first aid, money management), and job re-training. Are you interested in sponsoring and partnering with us in one of more of these activities?



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There is no need to download any software, just point your mobile device to this link http://www.coveryourneighbor.org/m1 and no matter what smartphone you have you should be able to experience these new features.



You have to follow your heart when deciding to give cash. Cash gifts are often used to buy drugs and alcohol. Instead, make your donations to a well-known, reputable organization in your community. Many shelters and soup kitchens also welcome contributions of food, clothing and other supplies. If you want a little more comfort when you giving money there are many dining establishments such as McDonald's, Burger King, Subway, Panera, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin Donuts, among others, all sell gift cards, and some are available for just $1. Another option is to purchase gift cards from a supermarket. Some grocery stores offer gift cards for as little as $5.

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Our 5 Year Goals

Mobile Laundry

Work with local industry professionals to design effective laundry solutions as seen in this photo of the sunnyskyz.com project.

On Demand Showers

Design & Construct Portable Showers

The homeless do not have showers or laundry facilities. When they desire a shower or clean clothes, they need to search out facilities available to them and then figure a way to get to the showers and/or laundry facility. These individuals lose time during their day, suffer the indignity of traveling on public transportation in an unclean state, may need to pay for transportation to and from the facilities and at times may need to pay for the showers and/or the laundry facilities. What bubbled up was the mobile-shower project can bring together churches and other outreach programs who support those who are homeless. The programs don't typically have shower facilities, which creates a gap in services. (photo courtesy of roomtogo.ca)


Technology Solutions

We develop and provide critical technology and services to agencies and volunteers that work directly with the homeless in their community. We have developed a powerful yet easy-to-use web-based client management software solution that can be accessed be a mobile or desktop device Anytime,Anywhere, Anytime.

Cargo Pickup Truck

In order to be effective providing emergency services we need a large van or truck that is dependable and spacious enough to store items such as:

Think Tank

CoverYourNeighbor aims to inform and influence policies affecting homeless client groups through research, campaigning and other collaborative activities. We want to work in partnership to prevent, tackle and resolve homelessness through providing a voice for our neighbors, influencing policy and strategy, promoting innovation and best practice and in bringing about change.