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Had a shower lately? Yeah me too. Well our neighbors without walls don't have that easy access. When they desire a shower or clean clothes, they have to search out facilities available to them and then figure a way to get to the showers and/or laundry facility. These individuals lose time during their day, suffer the indignity of traveling on public transportation in an unclean state, may need to pay for transportation to and from the facilities and at times may need to pay for the showers and/or the laundry facilities. Well our goal is to provide a mobile-shower/laundry solution. This project can assist churches and other outreach programs who support the homeless. Their programs don't typically have shower facilities, which creates a gap in services. Help us fill that gap!!!

We are happy to report that "Project Cover Your Neighbor Foundation" is a government-certified 501c3 Non-Profit. Here is a copy of our IRS 501c3 determination letter

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Project Cover Your Neighbor Foundation
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